Cooking and baking with roses

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Roses from its most delicious side! The book is a must-have for all rose lovers and connoisseurs! A special kind of rose book.

Not only passionate hobby cooks, but also lovers of roses will be delighted by this lovingly designed and content-rich book.

Cooking and baking recipes with roses from A - Z. Here some examples: Apple Puff Pastry Roses, Apple Rose Jelly With Saffron, Apple Rose Pistachio Tarts, Arabic Rice Pudding - Muhallabia, Bacon Roses, Beetroot Roses, Blueberry Rose Marshmallows, Candied Rose Petals, Cardamom Rose Lassi, Cherry-Rose-Eclairs, Chicken Breast With Rose Crust, Chocolate Foam Roses, Juicy Rose Cake, Lychee Rose Muffins, Melon Rose Smoothie, Mint Rose Muffins, Nectarine Rose Lavender Tart, Pears in Rose Syrup, Plum Rose Cake, Pomegranate Rose Sorbet, Poppy Seed Roses, Potato Roses, Raspberry Rose Mousse, Rose Radish Soup, Rose Lassi, Rose Petal Brownies, Rose Punch, Rose Puree, Rose Rice Pudding, Rose Tea Liqueur, Rose Water Cheesecake, Strawberry Rose Cake, Zucchini Cheese Roses...etc.

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  • 280 pages
  • approx. 275 images
  • format: DIN A4
  • hardcover 
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  • author: Annett Loos